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There is more than one way of selling a property, and with the power of the internet at your fingertips; you can go down multiple routes to selling a property quickly. However, how can you be sure you are going to get a fast house sale? The simple answer is you can't. If you are not familiar with the property selling industry, and in particular dealing with online companies - the chances are you won't know what you are doing when it comes to choosing a company or product.

This simple guide should help you understand the different types of house sale you can expect to find online, and how each of them work. We offer all of the below services, and can assist you with any of the below types of sale.


Sell House Fast For Cash

The most simplest product we offer and the easiest to explain is our cash buying service. What happens with this service is; we make you an offer based on the current market value of your property for straightforward cash. This offer is generally 85 per cent of the market value. So if your property is valued at £100,000 we would pay you £85,000, and so on.

We often get asked why we need to take a discount when some companies claim to pay 100 per cent of the market value for cash. Any company that offers this is simply lying. Look at it from our point of view. We have a company, with over 25 members of staff, and offices and bills etc. We have all of that to pay just to be able to offer our services to homeowners. So if we offered you 100 per cent of market value, and then sold your house for 100 per cent of market value (making £0 in profit), how would we pay our staff, bills, offices etc? We couldn't and we would soon go bust!

The simple answer is that we are a business, and we trade houses. If you need to sell quickly we will offer you around 85 per cent, and look to quickly sell on the open market for a small profit. If anything we are taking a huge risk on some properties, especially ones that have sat on the open market for any considerable amount of time.


Assisted Sales

Our assisted sale service is much different to our cash buying service, and a bit more difficult to explain as it is very open and flexible. The easiest way to look at what an assisted sale is, is to look at the name of it. We are 'assisting' with your sale.

This could mean we pay your deposit on your next property EVEN BEFORE your current property has sold. Or it may mean we pay your mortgage for a few months until we manage to sell your property. Whatever you need or are struggling with, with an assisted sale we work with you to get your property sold and get you a good price.

Another good example of how our assisted sale model works is if a property needs a refurbishment. We would go in and refurbish your property for you, we would pay all of the costs associated with this, then look to sell on the open market for a top price.

So assisted sales are a very flexible method of selling, and generally catered to the individuals needs.


Online Estate Agency

Our quick online estate agency is one of the UK's biggest sellers of property. We don't deal with buyers who aren't in a position to move quickly, and we vet all buyers before passing their details across to you. Our online agent works exactly like your traditional estate agent would work, however we have reduced fees with being online based, and we have massive exposure. We actively advertise on Rightmove, Zoopla and OntheMarket.

If you are looking to sell your house fast, an estate agency route may not be the best route for you. However if you are willing to wait for a month or more in order to get the best possible price for your property, it could work very well for you!