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Your Home Selling Options Online.

If you are trying to sell your house quickly, and have explored the various ways of selling your property - you have probably established that 9 times out of 10 traditional methods of sale no longer work. Selling a house quickly on the open market is a near impossible task. Firstly, as you are dealing with regular home buyers, the chances are they will be in a chain. This means you need to wait until their property sells before they can buy yours.

It is a common fact that 9 out of 10 house sales breakdown because of broken chains. If the buyer of your property has a buyer of their property pull out at the last minute, it has a knock on effect. Traditional sale methods also fail due to poor advertising, and lack of understanding of how times have changed to an online platform of selling. When it comes to selling property quickly these days, you have several options that you can explore in order to get a fast sale. Below we have highlighted your options, and also gave a brief summary of the pros and cons associated with each sale type.

Selling your property with an online quick sale estate agent.

Quick sale estate agents have been popping up across the UK for the past few years. Essentially what they offer is very similar to a traditional estate agency service. They advertise your property on your behalf on the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla, and act as a go-between between you and the buyer. This means they will take calls, arrange viewings and take photographs. Often these types of agent have different packages, depending on how hands on you want to be. For example, some of them may offer a complete service, and others may expect you to take your own photos and show potential buyers around yourself. As a comparison to a traditional estate agent, the only real difference between these types of companies is that they are/should be considerably cheaper.

The reason online estate agents charge less is they don't need local high street branches, and lots of staff. Essentially an online estate agent could be fully run from somebody's spare bedroom! Having said that, this makes online estate agents no more useful than traditional estate agents. Some may argue that they aren't even as good as a local agent, specifically because a local agent will know your local area better, and have a better understanding of what valuation to put on your property.

Benefits of selling with an online estate agent?

  • Compared to traditional estate agents, they can be more cost effective
  • They should have a good understanding of online advertising

Disadvantages of selling with an online estate agent?

  • You are relying on the open market, and the problems that come with it (broken chains, buyers pulling out etc)
  • You have to pay an agents fee, valuation fees and legals
  • Your online agent could be based in a 'back bedroom' and have little experience
  • You could be tied into a lengthy contract, disabling you from selling elsewhere
  • Your sale or the price you will achieve is not guaranteed in any way

Selling your property with an online auction.

Online property auctions have increasing become more and more popular. Similar to a traditional auction, buyers express and interest in your property, and place bids until they meet a reserve (usually set by yourself). Once this reserve is met, and the auction is finished the buyer has 40 days to complete on a sale.

In theory, online auctions are a great platform for selling. Your buyer generally pays the fees, and you get the sale price that you need. However, where online house sale auctions fall down is they lack volumes of buyers. As a general rule home buyers are afraid of auctions and won't understand the process. It is generally investors who attend auctions, and all investors are looking for a bargain. This means achieving the price that you need can be difficult. You also need to be careful as some auctions will make you pay fees, even if you don't get a sale.

Benefits of selling in an online auction?

  • Can be quick, if you have a desirable property
  • Most auctions charge the buyer not the seller

Disadvantages of selling in an online auction?

  • Buyers tend to be limited to greedy investors
  • You may have to pay fees even if you don't sell
  • You could be tied into the auction - even if you agree a sale elsewhere
  • Online auctions have very little publicity

Selling your property using an assisted sale service.

Assisted sales are a way of selling your home quickly by a company taking over payments of your property, and assisting with the burden of selling. There are many ways in which assisted sales work, but in most cases it is based on the company giving you some of the equity out of your property, taking over your mortgage payments and allowing you to move on with your next purchase.

The company that takes over the mortgage then will do whatever it takes to get the property sold at an agreed price. This method of sale obviously doesn't suit everyone - and not everyone will understand the process. However, it can be a very good way of shifting a stubborn property, or selling a property that needs refurbished and you maybe don't have the funds to do so.

As a general rule you can achieve 90 percent of market value for your property, and will usually get around 30 percent of your equity up front.

Benefits of selling via an assisted sale?

  • Very quick, you can pull some equity out within days
  • Flexible terms
  • Get up to 90 percent of market value

Disadvantages of selling via an assisted sale?

  • Some assisted sale schemes are scams to be avoided

Selling your property quickly for cash.

Cash house sales are by far the most popular type of sale we offer. We simply make you an offer for you home, if you accept it, we can complete within 7 days. The process for this is the most simple out of all the methods mentioned above. Selling quickly for cash is a great way of unloading an unwanted property. The other advantage to selling for cash is that we buy any house, regardless of the location or condition.


Benefits of selling for cash?

  • You can sell in 7 days
  • You don't need a for sale board
  • You won't need to advertise on Rightmove or Zoopla
  • No estate agents, visits or disruptions
  • You get to walk away and get on with your life

Disadvantages of selling for cash?

  • Offers are around 85% of market value

Regardless of what product you are interested in for selling your home, we are here to help you. So give us a call today and see what we can do to sell your home. If you want fast cash, a quick estate agent or an assisted sale - our service is the best in the UK. Give us a try!